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DIY Local SEO Tips: How to do local SEO Effectively To Boost Search Probability

In 2004, Google and other top search engines started improving visibility chances of results for search queries with geographic intent. With this move, the importance of Local SEO was known by most businesses. Fast forward to 2020 to find “Where to buy” + “near me” mobile queries have grown by over 200% from 2017–2019, and […]

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Introduction to Local SEO
Local SEO 101: Basic Introduction to Local SEO

It is time to be online. 46% of all searches on Google are for a local business or local service (Source). A simple search for a ‘Hairdresser’ presents innumerable organic search results for long-tailed keywords such as ‘What is a Hairdresser?” “What is the difference between a hairstylist and a hairdresser?”. On closer observation (as […]

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How to Use Google Maps in Improving Your Local SEO Visibility

About a decade ago, mobiles and handhelds became a part of the primary consumer market, and it revolutionized how we interact with the internet. Tap a few buttons in the right combination, and you can learn about the Height of the Statue of Liberty (92mtrs) or have a pizza delivered at your house. In terms […]

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