eCommerce is one of the most rapidly growing industries. In the era of Information Technology, no business is limited to a particular region or boundaries. Ever since the global pandemic of 2020 that forced people to be isolated within their homes, online shopping demand skyrocketed. Depending on the business goals, a personal eCommerce business would be profitable, but one should evaluate all the options available to mark the presence on a global scale. Thanks to global business opportunities such as Amazon International Marketplaces, a platform exists for any business to cater to people’s requirements globally. This blog will walk through the benefits of international selling and the process one needs to perform.

Benefits of Amazon Global Selling Platform

  • It provides a chance for businesses to expand by selling products to overseas places. It does not include all countries, but huge markets like North America, Canada, UAE, are included.
  • Seasonable eCommerce businesses depend only on festivals or events celebrated within the specific country. Selling across the world can improve this and benefit from the events happening globally. You can make a quick decision depending upon the country you are selling on Amazon Global Selling. 
  • It has exceptional logistics and seller-oriented services such as Fulfilled by Amazon to make the seller focus on the business regardless of other overheads.
  • Businesses can generate a completely new customer base using Amazon’s customer community. Their brands get a chance to become global brands.

What is Amazon Global Selling?  

Amazon has more than 300 million users spread across 200+ countries. Using Amazon Global Selling services, individual sellers can take advantage of Amazon’s success to prepare their business to serve globally. 

What are the essential steps for performing business through Amazon Global Selling?

1. Understand your product and its impact 

Business owners should understand the overall impact and requirements of the products properly. You need to decide the market requirements for your product. It is also very much needed to determine if any changes must be made in the products as per the competitors available in the existing market. 

2. Decide the preferable place to sell your product 

Amazon Global Selling is available to sell in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Your product may be well-suited for any of the available locations. Depending on your infrastructure and the product you wish to sell, you may not fulfill orders in all the locations. Hence, it is crucial to make a clever decision about which domains to sell products in. 

3. Finalize Products for Listing and Start Selling 

The very next step is to select the products. One may be selling multiple products under multiple categories in local markets. But, all products may not be fruitful for every location. That is why product selection is a very much essential step. The final step is to list the selected product and set up payment terms such as bank details. 

4. Choose your Fulfillment Mode

Sellers have two fulfillment modes available for product logistics. Logistics handled by the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) is a no-headache fulfillment mode where Amazon manages everything from inventory, order processing, packaging, shipping, and returns. There are no worries as FBA ships products all over the globe. If you have any other means of shipping, one can set up that as well. Fulfilled By Manufacturer (FBM) is where you sell on the Amazon platform but manage everything by yourself. Learn more about which Amazon fulfillment model will suit your business better.

How to sell on Amazon International Marketplaces?

  1. First, we need to create a seller account on This step will ask for your preferred location.

    • If you already have an Amazon account, you need to log in using the same. You necessitate creating a new account if you do not have any. 
  2. After registering or logging into the existing account, go to ‘Inventory’ in top bar and click ‘Sell Globally’
    Amazon Global Selling_Sell Globally
  3. Once you are on the Global Seller Dashboard, select the appropriate countries where you will be selling to. For any issues, you can refer to the right sidebar.Amazon-Global-Selling_Global-Seller-Console
  4. Once you have selected the countries, the next step would be to ‘Add product Listing’


What are the necessary steps for successful business on Amazon Global Selling?

  • Do some research about the trends of the product. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook can be very much helpful in the same. One can research on forums as well. 
  • If you want to sell in bulk, you need to select the category of business type accordingly.  It is very much necessary to choose a business model wisely. Amazon provides private label, wholesale, and dropshipping business models.
  • Analyze the factors like the demand of the product, market competition, shipping charges, legal terms of the country wherever you are about to sell. 
  • Product details, such as images of the product, title, and description, should be adequate to convert visitors into customers. 
  • Choose your custom broker tactfully. Delivering products is not just about shipping. It includes documentation, taxes, paperwork, shipping, and so on. Some custom brokers provide complete support for all of this with quality assurance and inventory management.

What charges are applied?

  • Amazon charges referral fees according to the product category. Minimum charges are 2% of the product MRP.
  • Closing fees are applied on the completion of a sale of certain products such as books, music, software & computer/ video games, etc. It is generally $1.80 and varies as per the price range of the product.
  • If you use the Amazon shipping service, they charge weight handling fees. It starts from $1.97 per item and varies by volume and distance.
  • There are other charges such as $39.99 for selling in America, fulfillment channel-related charges, or service charges. Amazon reduces the prices while selling products in more than one country.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned is the complete description about selling on Amazon International Marketplace. Make sure you are confident enough about your product to list in various countries. Just get to know all the details and charges before you start your business. If you are well aware, the final step is to decide and complete the process. You can grow your business exponentially with Amazon Global Selling. Why should we wait when we can act and get success? For any kind of assistance related to Amazon Seller Central Management and Setting up, feel free to contact our team.

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